Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dinner Music for the Gods ' Blood and Red Wine '

Table XIII.

Long time friends DMFTG [Dinner Music for the Gods] play as if they have been playing together for an eternity. 
They have a unique style, that they describe as,
 ' blood and red wine '

"A sonic fusion of Metal, Jazz and 
World Music - 
driving, melodic and exotic."
                               - DMFTG

I have to agree. They are very diverse musicians. Their sound is influenced by Metal bands from the mid 80s. Their style reminds me of Metallica, with a hint of jazz, latin and other musical elements. You will hear a variety of percussion instruments in their recordings, which adds interesting dimensions to their recordings and shows.
There are plenty catalytical switches, though out the pieces, that puts their works in a class of its own. No doubt, they are skilled musicians. They melt into each other musically.
A whining guitar pierces through layers, shattering melodies.. creating new systems, that constantly change.
The lead is an ever changing melody, not a particular instrument.
' blood and red wine ' is a sensational body of work. The spirit of the pieces is human. The project does not take you to the heaven, it brings the Gods to earth. Their work reflects a dramaturgical spirit. The pieces seem as if they were influenced by God Dionysus himself.

 Favorites on the ' blood & red wine ' CD
' 99 Octane ' is my personal favorite. It showcases the quality of energy they possess.
It starts off with a unique guitar lick.. Next cymbals melt into a goo of drum patterns that somehow intertwined with notes from a bell, or was that an electric piano? All while drums roll unrestrictively to the guitar's new pattern, that soon metamorphosis into a new.
The lead guitar roars like a high caliber car engine, revved.
Lights On!!. The peddle hits the metal, the song launches into a high powered Latin/Jazz vibration, as we race toward/through constant changes.
The song is inclusive.

DMFTG @ The Cheyenne Saloon
' The Devil Himself ' is a slice from excellence.. The song sounds how Vegas looks - pretty. As pretty as the chick cutting dudes head off [caught him sleeping]. Did I mention DMFTG is from Las Vegas aka ' Sin City ' aka ' The Entertainment Capital of the World '?  ' blood and red wine ' could be the cd's most commercially entertaining track, due to it's genre crossing abilities.  Interesting drum patterns, exotic percussions, diacritic bass runs, equates sophistication.

There are 15 tracks on the 'blood and red wine' project and you can listen to them on their site or their reverbnation page. They also have a show coming up in Vegas 5-11 at the Bunkhouse.

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Dinner Music for The Gods

Their Next Show Is @ The Bunkhouse
Las Vegas 8:00PM


Promo Video

Darrin PappaGuitar Andy HeilmanGuitar 

Jimmy PappaBass Matt MunteanDrums


Dinner Music For The Gods 
' Winter Fell '


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