Tuesday, October 7, 2014

' Outta the Furnace ' Strikes Again! @' Belmont House of Smoke ' and Again!! @ ' The Hampton Roads Show '

' Outta the Furnace '
" I've been trying to get on the ' The Hampton Roads Show ' since April. I blew up their facebook trying to get on their show " said Stevie SteveHe's the bass player for the group ' Outta the Furnace ' which includes John Napier, the lead vocalist and guitarist; and Andy Stover, drummer. ' The Hampton Road Show '  which describes themselves as " a local lifestyle TV show in the Hampton Road area " is a program that has an 11 am to 12 am slot on local, mainstream TV in the Hampton Roads area.  " So the drummer in mine and another band ' Broken Mouth Annie ' gave me a name to contact and that is all she wrote." While John Napier is the front man on stage, Stevie is the aggressive force behind the scene, and Andy Stover sews everything together. " So I scheduled it for the 26th " which was the same day they rocked ' Belmont House of Smoke '!!

BM: How was it maan?
Stevie Steve: When we got there everybody was extremely nice and encouraging. We got to sit through the set and we got to play during the middle and end portions. Everyone Loved us and we were invited to come back again. We will probably go back when our album comes out. It was great!

BM: What about Belmont ' House of Smoke '?
" The Belmont show was great too. I personally put that one together. 
It was probably my proudest moment 
as the guy that booked for my band." 
                                                                             Stevie Steve

Stevie Steve: Now the Belmont was hard to get to as well. I had to build trust so they'd want us back again. Overall - awesome friday!

BM: How did Opus 99 and Without Lines do?
Stevie Steve: Without Lines tore it up! They have a post rock sound, driving and epic, that moved the crowd. Opus 99 are more pop-funk. They're kinda like Blink 182. They were great. They brought the  house down too. 
Andy  Stover
BM: What about the food at Belmont ' House of Smoke '?
Stevie Steve: I really didn't eat but I found out Norfolk had a NBA Rib Contest and they won it. Chris, the host of the show, told me the food looked good and the portions  were huge.
John Napier
BM: Was anybody in the band late? Did anything crazy happen? What did you guys do after the gigs?
Stevie Steve: This was the smoothest of any show I ever was apart of. Everyone was on time or early. It was like 2:30 a.m. when we left so by the time we unloaded all of our gear it was late. We went to bed.
Stevie Steve
BM: You mentioned a trainer earlier. What's up with that?
Stevie Steve: Today was the first day when the personal trainer and I met. He wanted to see where my strength and cardio were. So it was too crazy. So he will be emailing me a workout plan tomorrow. My goal is to lose 120 lbs by next summer.
' O u t t a  t h e  F u r n a c e   '

BM: Cool!

* Below is a post I took from Jon Napier's fb page in which he posted on September 28 at 10:17pm 
" If you are looking for a good read these days, check out the daring heart of David Livingstone. This great Explorer and Adventurer may sound familiar ( "Dr. Livingstone, I presume " ), but you may not know the great role he played in ending the slave trade of East Africa in the 19th century. Jay Milbrandt has done a phenominal and in depth job of bringing Dr. Livingstone's Exploits to life. Check it out here:
" - John Napier

This Band Rocks! 
Their music holds substance: spirituality, optimism and inspiration, and it's pushed with a driving energy creatively in the studio, and during their live performances from the beginning to the end. As of now, They have 3 pieces on reverbnation: " Do You ", " On its Way ", and " I won't Quit ", but.. things are happening. At this very moment, they are recording material for a full CD that will be launched soon. 
Though the band has only been together for a year, they have performed in the hottest spots in the Hampton Road area, explanding thoughout the 757 region. They have accumulated loyal followers and the numbers are growing by the minute. The support is constantly growing and the message is clear. They're on their way, they won't quit.. and do you! Hear the interview with the bass player in the band Stevie Steve 

Their next strike will land this friday in Gloucester,Virginia